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Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Residence 9 Windows

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A new window system known as Residence 9 aims to imitate the flush sash timber window that was once seen in the 19th century.

This window is perfect to use in conservation areas because it is extremely authentic looking anDSC0511-532705fb8e638d this is a design that appeal to those homeowners who want a high quality, luxury window brand.

It is possible to house 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing and it comes with the very best thermal and acoustic performance as well as a high classification when tested against the elements. These windows are unique because they are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen.

So what are the top 5 benefits of these windows?

1) Built in Britain

All Residence 9 windows are made to your requirements, which makes them completely bespoke, whilst it is possible to customise the windows ensuring it has the style you want as well as the right colour- no two windows are the same.

Every window is manufactured by a skilled craftsman and they will ensure that all windows are made to meet the correct size and specification. The mechanical joined used in these windows requDSC0129_01-5323348313e3fire knowledge and finesse and they are hand finished by highly skilled individuals.

What makes Residence 9 windows different from the modern windows is the fact that craftsmen replace modern machinery because only they have the ability to create traditional jointing.

2) Traditional Jointing

Timber windows were joined in a specific way and Residence 9 windows copy these joints. Most modern windows are joined diagonally which is not traditional but Residence 9 has the traditional look which is achieved using a maintenance free material.

3) Design and Technology

Residence 9 windows are created using composite materials and this offers a number of advantages when it comes to maintenance when compared to timber. This is a strong product that is efficient from a thermal perspective and is finished in a number of authentic wood grain textures and come in a wide range of colours which means there is no longer a requirement for painting or sanding.

4) Grand Design

The frame design is what makes Residence 9 stand out. It consists of 9 chambers and 100mm it is far better than the mass market offerings of 70mm and 5 or 6 chamber designs.DSC0622-532706bd6fe97

They are very energy efficient windows and will fit all gaps when 19th century timber windows are removes. As they are 100mm it means that the design covers any old paint lines that may be visible on the brickwork.

5) Hardware and Security

The engineers at Residence 9 have worked alongside colleagues from market leading companies to provide bespoke solutions.

There is a wide range of hardware and security device available for locks and hinge side and your window can be built so that it comes with the highest security standards. The product meets the CEN A classification for wall thickness with a 100mm frame and glass that is structurally joined to the sash.
When this is added to top quality locks and hinges it ensures that a high performance is achieved.

Franklin Windows are authorised Residence 9 resellers, what’s more Residence 9 windows are actually manufactured right here in our factory in Leeds. Please contact us if you’d like to know more or come see the windows being made. For more details please visit the Residence 9 website by clicking here.

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