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Timber is one of the oldest materials used in construction, lately there has been strong growth in the window, door and conservatory market, this is likely due to a strong desire by most people to avoid uPVC, it has not proved to be the everlasting product promised in earlier years. Franklin use hardwood on a daily basis from renewable sources. This is used mainly to fabricate windows, doors and conservatories with an Aluminium exterior (see fact sheet 14) Franklin however use solid hardwood frames use on listed buildings where other materials have been rejected by the local conservation team, or the client requests this. There are good reasons for its use and some negatives in terms of maintenance. Using modern micro porous paints can limit the regularity of such maintenance and protect pressure treated hardwoods well.

Material Properties:

-Very versatile and can be moulded to most shapes
-Can be painted any colour or stained various shades
-Light hardwoods very much in vogue
-Modern locking and hinge systems can be incorporated
-Pressure treating protects for around 20 years
-Renewable sourcing is environmentally friendly
-Traditional product for older buildings

All Timber products are not the same!

Franklin has worked closely with the leading wood importers and moulding companies. We only source from companies that have an active environmental accreditation, for this reason we cannot supply certain dark hardwoods, we use mainly American White Ash.