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Most people will not be familiar with this concept, but aluminium windows have never left the commercial market because upvc has never been viewed as a long term solution for windows and doors by good Architects. European consumers have always viewed aluminium as a credible solution and as a result, windows, doors and glasshouses have been made with aluminium to the exterior with hardwood on the interior for decades. Franklin have taken this concept by moulding the aluminium and wood to look like a traditional English window frame. The slim look is much sort after for older properties with existing metal windows, traditional wooden frames and the sections can be increased for the very heavy Orangery sections. Real light hardwood gives a real warm glow and presence to grace all homes.

Material Properties:

– Very durable exterior available in any colour with no maintenance and a life expectancy of over 25years.
– All locking systems fixed to aluminium for great strength and security
– Real hardwood interior which can be left factory finished or changed later
– Very low cost yet traditional solution for discerning specifies

All windows are not the same!
Franklin take notice of changing market trends. Have you noticed how many upvc products looked tired and dull after a few years and cannot be brought back. Or maybe the black rubbers have shrunk. Maybe you house is suffering from large upvc sections and very little glass. Does your door wobble when it is shut? Are you concerned about an easy break in? If so talk to Franklins about their full range of the composite system that’s changing the way people think about windows, doors and glasshouses.